Commercial Moving Boxes

POLARBOX can help you and your employees make the pain of moving simpler, quicker and more cost efficient with commercial moving boxes in Montreal! Here is how:


Rather than finding cardboard boxes, assembling them, and then needed to throw them out, your employees can simply contact POLARBOX! We will deliver our boxes right to your office! Our boxes are durable and stackable, maximizing space for your move! You can also fit your files in the boxes with our specialized filing bar! Once you are done, simply contact us and we will come and pick up our boxes. It's as simple as that!


No need to spend time going to a cardboard box supplier and having to assemble the boxes. Just contact POLARBOX! We come to you and save you and your employees valuable time to focus on what is most important - your business. When you are done, just call us and we will pick up your commercial moving boxes.


It costs money to have someone go and buy cardboard boxes, build the boxes and even throw them out! Don't spend money unnecessarily - by using POLARBOX you can save on labor costs, travel costs and even waste disposal costs!


By utilizing POLARBOX you are also demonstrating your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility by utilizing a service that limits waste and minimizes the impact on the environment. With POLARBOX, you reduce garbage, save forests and reduce your carbon footprint, plus, with POLARBOX you also help support our cause of helping sustainability of polar bears in the arctic!