Moving Boxes Montreal

plastic moving boxes montreal

Are you looking for moving boxes in Montreal? You have come to the right place. offers environmentally friendly reusable plastic moving boxes, wardrobe boxes and moving supplies delivered to your home or business in preparation for your move. Once you have moved and settled into your new place we come by and pick them up.

Our reusable plastic moving boxes are easy to stack, easy to pack, and very durable. Moving can be stressful enough let us ensure you have quality moving boxes and supplies for your move.

We have a number of moving box & moving supply combinations depending on the size of your move and the length you wish to rent our moving boxes for. Our POLARPACKS offer the best value.
Find the pack that best fits you needs and then customize your order with our extra products as needed.

Wait until you try our POLARWHEELS, custom fitted dollies that our POLARBOXES slide right into. Moving has never been this easy.

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Compared to Reusable Plastic Eco-Friendly Moving Boxes, cardboard boxes are unreliable and inefficient, and you have to get them and get rid of them. Recycling helps, but still makes a large carbon footprint. Learn more.

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The Company that cares. In Montreal, we rent eco-friendly reusable moving boxes, wardrobe boxes and moving supplies to make your move more convenient, efficient, and GREEN! Well, um, BLUE actually! You can make a difference too.

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